Here you will find description of components which are not a part of the Tipboard project per se, although they may be useful to some of its users. Assuming standard installation, you can find them here:



If you have developed something of similar nature and you are willing to share it, we encourage you to make a pull request to our repo. Thanks!


Script for fetching frequently used data from JIRA issue tracker, in order to present it on your dashboards. Returns requested data to stdout in JSON format. For the list of available options see jira-ds.py --help.

This script is basically a wrapper around jira-ds.js, so those two files shouldn’t be separated. Requires CasperJS and PhantomJS installed somewhere in your path (we suggest using npm for that).

Before you start using them, remember to fill in JIRA_CREDENTIALS and JIRA_BASE_URL (in jira-ds.py) as well as url_jira and url_jira_login (in jira-ds.js) with the your JIRA credentials, location of your JIRA instance and its login page.

Tested with JIRA 6.1.x.


Simple Python script targeted to novice users serving as an example how to glue together three steps: fetching data, processing it and then sending it to the tile. See comments in the source code for further explanation.


Script for quick, automated installations on remote machines.

You need to have fabric and fabtools to use remote install script.


fab -H root@host install

– it will install all needed .deb packages, create virualenv and set up Tipboard service using master branch from our main repo.